Obsidian FundBinder

Helping Fund Managers Build Lasting Investor Relationships

CRM for Fund managers

From prospect to established investor we have you covered.  Track activities, notes, communications, and transfer a sales view into an investor dashboard when you close a deal in seconds

Advanced Investor Management

Easily customisable investor dashboards that help you get the most out of your meetings, always be on point with current information, and give select clients self-serve access to your portal

Marketing Collateral

Fully automated custom designed fact sheets, updates of website widgets, and personal leave behind PDFs for each investor

Core Features

Dynamic investor dashboards

Create personal dashboards; have meaningful conversations

Client Portal

Self-serve option to help build trust and lower overhead

Flex investor reporting

Next level of reporting; leave behind personal reports with just one click

CRM for Fund Managers

Keep note of all interactions with current & prospective investors

Mobile & multilingual

True flexibility; access on any device and in any language

Automated factsheets

The fastest way to create an accurate, branded factsheet

How fund managers build strong investor relationships

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Solution Benefits


Create Value for Investors

Fundbinder has provided us a multifunctional service that effectively supports the corporate needs of Strike’s portfolio while providing a resource to our investor shareholders that keeps them in the know on both Strike’s portfolio and their individual position within it. Goodbye to building and maintaining complex spreadsheets and fielding shareholder requests for their NAV!

— Strike Holdings Inc.

Your investors and partners are unique.  FundBinder is the only platform that allows you to create a fully personalized dashboard for each individual by simply dragging and dropping autonomous components into place.

Always be on point, and prepped to answer any question with mobile ready, investor and advisor views delivering up to date personalized calculations.

Give client portal access to select investors to help them self-serve, securely share documents, and continue building trust.



Build Lasting Relationships

FundBinder’s CRM is truly tailored for the fund industry and helps you track all key notes, interactions, set up reminders for upcoming activities, as well as view investor and advisor pipeline business intelligence.

The best part; FundBinder seamlessly converts a sales dashboard into a personalized investor dashboard so that you hit the ground running with your investor communications, and build a strong lasting relationship from the start.


Save Time & Increase Accuracy

Obsidian FundBinder significantly cut the cost it takes us to manage investment data and produce our regular client communications. 

— Redwood Asset Management

FundBinder automates everything from data integration to marketing collateral creation.  With FundBinder you can create a beautiful, professional investor newsletters with a few simple clicks.  The best part, all of the calculations are done for you and are always accurate.


Benefit from High Grade Cyber Security

Unlike most multi-tenant cloud platforms that jumble the data of multiple clients into them same database file, FundBinder is designed with the sensitives of the financial industry in mind.  With our premium setup, FundBinder segregates each clients’ data into a private database file, and does end to end encryption on all communications.

With this type of premium setup the benefits are clear:

  • Your database file can be domiciled in a country of your choosing to make sure you meet regulatory requirements
  • Unlike other cloud platforms there are no chances of cross pollination of data between you and other clients
  • You own the data and can request a full data load or backup at any time



Optimize Accessibility

Finally a product that shows me what I care to see!

— FundBinder Investor User

FundBinder leverages the latest in mobile technology ensuring that 100% of the functionality you get on your laptop is also available on your tablet and mobile devices.  This new approach ensures consistency across devices, and removes the need for you to download and install any apps.

When you’re at a client meeting rest assured that you can get to any data regardless of which device you brought with you.


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